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About us

Founded in 2012 SB Components is a UK company specialising in the manufacturer of protective cases for single board computers and microcontroller boards. Our designers are experts in producing robust, functional and elegant cases that protect and augment technology platforms.

Our best-selling cases for the Raspberry Pi have sold in excess of 500,000 units. New cases are constantly under development. All adhere to SB Components' watchwords: precision, performance, quality and simplicity.

To accompany our case range we have sourced complementary components from power supplies to wifi dongles, keyboards to remote controllers. We only use the best suppliers guaranteeing that only quality products are added to the SB Components' range.

In addition to the standard product range SB Components will undertake bespoke case projects. These can range from the addition of logos, or changes in colour/material of existing cases to the creation of completely bespoke engineered-from-scratch projects.