About Company

Founded in 2012, SB Components is a UK based company which started with the design and manufacture of protective cases for single board computers and micro-controller boards.

With over 700,000 cases sold, SB Components started its research and development division. Soon this division took main focus and the company started developing products powered by single board computers.

Our products are globally acclaimed and covered in leading tech articles and magazines. New projects are constantly under development.

PiTraffic was our first crowdfunded project on Kickstarter. With its success, we made two more projects, Pi Cube which was also successfully funded and our biggest ever crowdfunded project yet, PiTalk.

We have other similar projects out in the market. All of our products are high in demand and we complete them successfully all thanks to our in-house production factories. Our Engineers are designing something new everyday and we even have a patent pending on our product.

With constant feedback and support from our backers and customers, SB Components will keep on growing and will continue to deliver products for a better, tech savvy world. All adhere to SB Components' watchwords: precision, performance, quality and simplicity.

Why Choose Us

We develop cases for Raspberry Pi Zero, 2, 3 etc.
SB Components Ltd is a specialist UK manufacturer of protective cases for single board computers and micro controller boards.
Our designers are experts in producing robust, functional and elegant cases that protect and augment technology platforms.
Our bestselling Raspberry Pi case (over 300,000 world wide sales) is a market leader in quality affordable design. Our aim is to provide high quality products at low prices.
In addition to the standard product range listed on this site SB Components Ltd will also undertake bespoke case and electronic component projects. These can range from the addition of logos, or changes to colour/materials of existing products to the creation of completely bespoke engineered from scratch products.


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