PiArm - 6 DoF Robotic Arm for Raspberry Pi

PiArm is a 6-DoF robotic arm designed to operate with Raspberry Pi. It gives you 6-axis degrees of freedom to operate it like an actual robotic arm. It allows you to pick and place objects, detect distance, connect sensor like the Ultrasonic, IR or the camera etc.
The PiArm is a budget friendly robotic arm that helps you learn robotics using Raspberry Pi and get your hands on with programming and interfacing a robot.
  • Description
  • PiArm is a miniature robotic arm. Its core is the Raspberry Pi and it moves around with 6a-xis precise smart bus servo motors. PiArm allows you to make it even more versatile, upgradeable and customizable with various parts, sensors, and cameras.

    The user can play multiple movements with PiArm allowing it to help you in learning robotics and programming. It lets you customize by attaching your own components, like a simple ultrasonic sensor, camera etc.

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    Having 6-degrees of freedom of movement or in other words, 6-axis rotation freedom, PiArm can perform any movements with ease like drawing shapes, pick and place objects, detect distance etc.

    • PiArm is a full metal body consisting of 6 digital servo motors, a base plate to attach your Raspberry Pi, battery, sensors, LCD etc.
    • PiArm can help youn get easy with learning robotics using platform like the Raspberry Pi. It can introduce you to the world of robotics.
    • PiArm comes with a free software to control the servo and the movements.
    • The open source code is also available for secondary development.
    • PiArm is compatible with all Raspberry Pi variants.

    PiArm features

  • Control PiArm using different modes

The PiArm can be controlled using multiple modes. It can be controlled by a laptop, using the VNC server on your mobile, or even joystick. The PiArm comes with a base plate that allows you to control it using the LCD as well.

PiArm control modes

  • The Digital Servo Motor

The 6-degrees freedom of movement to the PiArm comes from the highly digital smart servos. The servo has an LED indicator showing the health, temperature and movement control of the motor.

PiArm Motor Specifications

  • Features
  • PiArm introduces you to the robotics education using Raspberry Pi as its base.
  • PiArm uses 6 digitally smart Servos.
  • It come with a base plate to mount multiple sensors.
  • It can be operated using a Li-ion battery.
  • It helps you to learn multiple robotic movements by using the software GUI.
Servo Motors
  • High-precision potentiometer with a new design.
  • Convenient Plug-in wire.
  • Control Angle: 0-240 degree rotation.
  • Torque: 17kg/cm @ 7.4v
  • Full metal gear.
  • Servo Accuracy: 0.24 degrees.
  • Specifications
PiArm specifications
  • Height: 430mm
  • Weight: 1100g (include battery and controller)
  • DOF: 6 Degree of Freedom
  • Programming method: Raspberry Pi
  • Frame: 1mm full metal alluminium alloy structure, lightweight, and high strength
  • Controlling Software: PiArm Control
  • Debugging Software: PiArm Config

PiArm dimensions

Servo Motor specifications
  • Full metal gear
  • Torque: 17kg/cm @ 7.4v
  • Speed: 0.18sec/60 @ 5v, 0.15sec/60 @ 6v
  • Servo accuracy: 0.24 degree
  • Control Angle: 0-240 degree
  • Weight: 43.3gm
  • Dimensions: 44.02x22.92x27.00mm
  • Working voltage: 5-8.4V
  • Minimum working current: 100mA
  • Control method: Serial Command
  • Communication Baud rate: 115200
  • Feedback parameter: Temperature, Voltage, Position

PiArm motor dimensions

  • The assembly parts

PiArm assembly parts

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