Reset button case for Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi 3 case with ON switch
  • Description
  • Imagine an easier, more convenient way to use your Raspberry Pi, simply switching it on and reset with a button on your case, removing the annoyance to unplug power connectors or having to leave it on all the time.
  • When you finished using your Raspberry Pi, you should really shut it down, otherwise, it’s possible to corrupt the SD card image which would mean you having to reinstall Raspbian. Having shut-down your Raspberry Pi you can get it to boot up again by unplugging and plugging the USB lead, but a neater solution is to add a reset button to your Raspberry Pi.
  • The PiStart is a Closed case for Raspberry Pi 3 with power switch specifically designed for the Raspberry Pi 3, it is mainly intended to start Raspberry P without removing the power cable. You can even reset Raspberry Pi if it has stopped responding. Can be used with any operating system as this is independent of any software.
  • SB Components have designed a case with ON switch in built into the case.
  • Features
  • Protects Raspberry Pi while being covered from all sides and better airflow from bottom.
  • The case is a two-piece injection-moulded ABS enclosure that snaps together around the Raspberry Pi 3
  • Wall Mountable. Access to all consumer ports
  • Raspberry Pi 3 model B not included
  • The microSD card is fully enclosed making this the perfect case for when you want to ship a proprietary Raspberry Pi-based product.
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